About Radio Country Fm 88.5

Radio Country FM is owned by Scope Tanzania Ltd. The company was established in 2002 with offices located in Iringa Municipality along Uhuru Road at Motto House.

This company was established with the principal objectives of broadcasting. Radio Country FM went on air December 2004 air on 88.5 Mhz FM (Stereo) Covering Iringa Municipality and its neighboring districts and worldwide over the internet.

The full programming started in January 2005 with entertainment programs covering about 90% of its air.

Mission Statment

Radio Country FM will be a world-class radio station, providing Southern Highlands with a wide range of valuable, high quality programming that reflects the diversity of our community and our world. Radio Country FM programming will seek to educate, inform, and expose listeners to new sounds, cultures, experiences and ideas, thus enhancing knowledge and understanding